New year kolam

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hai frnds!!! i made this rangoli for this new year!!! it took nearly 3 hrs for me to finish this!!! this rangoli was made up of bright colours!!!! update feedback


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perfect freehand art...

perfect freehand art... simple but deserving....

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your kolam is very nice and

your kolam is very nice and to copy this kolam to my system?

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Lalitha: Good work..simply

Lalitha: Good work..simply superb

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wow.... this is very nice .

wow.... this is very nice . gud creativity....

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Thank U saraswathy

Thank U saraswathy

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Very neat work. It mingles

Very neat work.
It mingles with the background very well.
The rangoli reminds me of embedded stone work as portrayed in old fims to depicti the grandeur of ancient/old buildings and Rajamhals .

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V.N.V.P.Rao I have not yet

I have not yet been able to see the rangoli - what can I comment?

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v.n.v.p - What do you mean?

v.n.v.p - What do you mean? I am not able to understamd

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Actually the picture was

Actually the picture was captured in my mobile, that too without enough lighting(i.e around 12.30a.m) The 2nd round is filled with a light sand colour and the kolam was made on cement floor.

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Very neat and beautifully

Very neat and beautifully drawn kolam. As our friends said, the colours are not visible properly. Have you filled any colour in the inner (2nd) round? the border is very pretty.

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. A pretty rangoli,very

. A pretty rangoli,very neatly drawn and colored well. But while editing the photo the colors are changed I think

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nice and neat...yeah looks

nice and neat...yeah looks like needs some more lighting

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The kolam looks excellent

The kolam looks excellent with beautiful thin lines but colors cannot be made out, yet it looks very pretty

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very pretty design. Worth

very pretty design.
Worth for spending time.Thanks for sharing

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Thanks to all for the

Thanks to all for the valuable feedback

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this is lovely jasree...d

this is lovely jasree...d mango design (which is hard for me) has come out very nice....

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Very lovely

Very lovely

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Nice kolam... .flowers and

Nice kolam... .flowers and mango patterns are beautiful

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Well Made kolam with neat

Well Made kolam with neat strokes.. The outer border looks pretty.. And rest said in previous comments...

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The kolam is super and

The kolam is super and fantastic. As judy said, we are not able to make out the original colours and also the floor colour. But the finishing and the perfection in strokes are extraordinary.

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I think you have taken this

I think you have taken this picture with your mobile, hence we did not get to see the real colours as the picture is quite dull. Apart from that the kolam is excellent - very neatly done. The central design is very pretty and artistically drawn - shape symmetry is very good but number symmerty is not ok - the outside could have been 24 instead of 21 I think Smile