Notebook Rangoli

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Yet another notebook kolam done by me and coloured with coloring pencils, your comments please.

Rangoli: Notebook Rangoli


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Pretty design Indhu, but I feel the outside red and yellow is too dominating thus swallowing the attention of the inside design. You should have split the colouring of the outside in two sections which I am sure would have been much better. The overall design is pretty though Smile

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Nice design.. Thanks for giving us in colors...

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very nice design and good colouring. Next time take care of the symmetry.

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Nice design

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Actuallu judy It is meant to be like weaving of a basket(one layer overlapping the other). Thats y i used the same color. may be i should ve used some thing like pink and blue instead of red and yellow. anywys thank you for your suggession.

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Nice design . but I think the color choice made it look like two different kolams merged. Just try the same kolam with suitable color combination and see.l.rajamma

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beautiful design.