Not a fantastic kolam

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Saw one cute chikku kolam with 9-1 dots in Maha's gallery and read the interesting comments for a comment.I tried the same kolam with wet maavu but could not take a photo since camera was out of order. Yesterday again tried the same but ended with a different version. I accept it is not that easy to copy the original with out trial.

Rangoli: Not a fantastic kolam


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Rajamma mam, you made my day and am so happy that you have tried one from my gallery. Your new version of my kolam looks so beautiful. Very nice.


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Simple and cute mam.

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wow!!! very pretty are the only person, i can say could make a simple kolam a grand looking.
I too went through the comments on a comment for maha's kolam and immediately i tried in a paper...but could not do as perfect as maha's work...

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superb! rajam mam!-suguna murugesan

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rajamma lovely and colourful chikku kolam., on your floor. background is very attractive...

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simle n lovely kolam......looks ggod with colours.....

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Rajamma mam, ennoda kolathuke neenga uyir kodutha madhiri irukku. (You have given a life to my 9-1 dots small chikku kolam). After going thru those comments, my kolam have regained its life by your artistic talent work. Thanks once again.


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Maha and rajjamma I am proud of you people.I have to learn many things fron u like patience etc etc

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Quite good, but a bit difficult to trace. May be will look better as a knotted pattern.

Regards! - mOhana

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By the way could you give reference to that of Mrs mahAlakshmI's? thanks.

Regards! - mOhana

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Mohanaji, here is the link of the original version.
(Eventhough I put the copy cat kolam of this with wet maavu, I could not take a photo of it immediately. Aftersomedays when I recalled it from my memory and tried to put, this different version came.)

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Very pretty with pink and green colors. Neat work.

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Wow rajamma mam...lovely kolam made by u...i am just going on staring at ur such thin lines...