New meduim - Dosai maavu kolam

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Meendhu poona (pulitha) oru karandi dosai maava thooki pooda manasu varalay - adhau dhaan en kitchen medayai alangarikka vandha kolamaa mariduchi.. experts unga comments please (actually this is my first attempt at maakolam, hope I have done justice).. I have combined the border kolam which I put separately along with this kolam to save space..


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Hi Judy mam, Now i believe

Hi Judy mam,

Now i believe I'm on track. I saw ur dosai maavu kolam. Very nice. I'll also try Rajamma mam's novel idea (Kolam dosai). Also, you had mentioned that this ur first try with maavu kolam. But it doesn't seem like a beginner. Your strokes are perfect.


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Nalla advise Subashini -

Nalla advise Subashini - will surely follow next time hehe...

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mava dosa poda kodutha

mava dosa poda kodutha kolama podareenga?appo kola mava dosa oothoveengala?aniyayathukku kola veriyoda alayiringa pola.Neenga rajamma medam advise follow panni dosa mava tawala kolama pottu kala dosayachum vettula irukkiravungalukku kodunga.

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I like your spirit Gowri -

I like your spirit Gowri - keep going.....

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Now you know why I said my

Now you know why I said my fingers were paining Gowri??

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yep agree, but i am too lazy

yep agree, but i am too lazy today to do wipe out the stray dots but planning to put arisi maavu kolam, i am not sure of the consistency of the maavu, ... I love your kambhi kolams, btw your border designs were good will implement it in my kolams, While in India happened to pass a grill shop, and saw lot of designs, copied some to implement in the kolams ...

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Soooo sweeeeet of you

Soooo sweeeeet of you Lata.........

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Judy mam, just tried a small

Judy mam, just tried a small star kolam on kitchen table top with dosai maavu , whooooooo never imagined this is too difficult, will practice practice and practice ...

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and what are you doing up at

and what are you doing up at this hour of the night??

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having a party with all of

having a party with all of you, my dear! :0

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No worries Gowri - I am sure

No worries Gowri - I am sure we ikolam will keep you busy and soon you will feel at home here with us...

Thank you Anirudh

hehehehe Lata...

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good one Judyji....mee to

good one Judyji....mee to need to ask my mom to make one real on the tava and have with chutney Smile ... thats how she used to make us eat more dOses Smile

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Wow Judy, everybody is so

Wow Judy, everybody is so busy with your meendhu pona maavu! Oothu oothu-nnu oothuraanga! Smile

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By the way welcome back

By the way welcome back Gowri from your holiday - I am sure you had a rocking time Smile

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Thank you Gowri for your

Thank you Gowri for your compliment - actually practice is the right word - before I got this almost perfect shape you see in the photo above, I must have tried putting this kolam atleast 4 to 5 times, erasing it each time I made a mistake and finally this came up, which I was quite satisfied with. I still need to perfect the symmetry between lines etc., (hehe Lata now you know why no stray dots in my kolam??) - but by the time I finished, my poor fingers were paining Smile

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ohhh secret revealed judy

ohhh secret revealed judy mam, Yes had a rocking time !!! But was full of tears when i came here, Want to go back soon !!! ikolam site is keeping me engaged in my free hours. Something to forget the separation pain of my loved ones back there ...

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wow judy, kambhi kolam

wow judy, kambhi kolam expert photoshop expert now maavu kolam too !!! good , Nice kolam, i am planning to practise maavu kolam instead of my regular chalk piece kolam

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Oh my God!! I can't believe

Oh my God!! I can't believe I really passed this test..

Lata actually the batter was thick so it did not leak...

Rajamma thanks for the idea I might actually try to fry a kolam dosai next hehe...

Jayanthi thanks for your comments - sorry I did not comment on your kolams as I have not seen them as yet - net not working properly so could not visit ikolam earlier - will see now and tell - actually just saw Rajamma's kolam and was excited...

Thank you Viji...

Jaya that was a maiden attemtp with dosai maavu but this time I have tried with arsimaavu - will be uploading now - see and tell me...

He he, Asha next time I put dosaimaavu kolam I will put molagapodi border for sure...

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It has come out very nicely

It has come out very nicely Judy.for colors you can use pudina chutney,sambar and molagapodi hehe.....

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Romba nalla vandirukku,

Romba nalla vandirukku, Judy, for a maiden attempt! Inime ellarukkum oru dosai cut!

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Hai Jude wounderful.

Hai Jude wounderful. Fentastic.
Thank God you shifted from Computer kolam to realistic one.
Super Idea of dosaimavoo. It does come very well. Nice.
Go ahead. Keep doing and share with us.

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Judy! Me and Rajamma put

Judy! Me and Rajamma put maavukolam and podikolam on kitchen top. Neenga dosaimaavaaleye pottirukkeengale! Inimel jabardastiyaaga dosaimaavu micham varum. By the way, we both are waiting for your comments for making your computer kolam into reality.

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Hi Judy, welcome to

Hi Judy, welcome to Maavukkolam. One novel idea....Put in a flat dosaikkal this kolam with maavu then heat the thavaa and make this kolam dosai( if you can turn it up) and serve with chutni border!!!( I used to draw cat with maavu and make cat dosai for children)

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We usually make valentine

We usually make valentine pancakes for our kids, who insist on wanting different shapes. Happy face is another favorite. I also use a non-stick pan to keep such fun projects easy to "flip" for me Smile

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Looks very nice. First time

Looks very nice. First time attempt? Na, I don't believe you! Smile
For a first-time rice-batter kolam, how come you don't have any stray-dots on your kolam? Smile