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wish you all Happy Independence Day,hello i am amutha, i submit this kolam . i got this some years before in a newspaper that itself very old and not clear in which it got the first prize during the kolam competition. i tried very hard to get the neli and finally got it correct. this kolam i like very much.


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This neli looks nice if put

This neli looks nice if put properly. To get symmetry u have to try hard.Amuthaji has done a good job.

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Looks like Baby Krishna

Looks like Baby Krishna walked over your neli kolam Amudha... Nice effort - appreciate your spirit of trying out something old...

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Anirudh, neli are just

Anirudh, neli are just curved lines like a snake! Experts draw double nelis with middle finger and ring finger fast!

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thanks Jayaji...hmmm...will

thanks Jayaji...hmmm...will try double nelis...i have learnt double lines using the kolapudi from my granny...but not with maavu, will use the same concept and see how it comes.

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pretty complicated one...can

pretty complicated one...can you give the meaning of "Neli"? Is it anyway related to Krishna? Actually in kannada nelli is the rope holder tied to the roof columns in which the butter/ curds pots are stored...a very rare sight which can be found in villages.

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Very beautiful kolam thanks

Very beautiful kolam thanks or sharing.

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Very beautiful Amutha ma'am

Very beautiful Amutha ma'am and your efforts have paid off... it is indeed a very difficult kolam and you have done a wonderful job on it... keep it up.

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very nice kolam & cute lord

very nice kolam & cute lord krishna padam

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Nice Neli Kolam, Amutha

Nice Neli Kolam, Amutha Ma'am..... Those Baby Krishna Feet are very cute...... Great Entry into Ikolam.... Welcome to Ikolam, Ma'am...

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Welcome to ikolam Ms.Amutha!

Welcome to ikolam Ms.Amutha! Smile
This rangoli does look a bit hard to master, but as you said, you've done a fabulous job of it. Thank you for joining ikolam, and for sharing this piece with all of us.