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I was very much impressed by Brinda's Kuzhal Kolams and hence tried this. This is my first kuzhal kolam. Thanks Lata, Brinda and my kolam friends for teaching me lot many varieties of kolams. It is not very perfect. I have to still practice using the kuzhal tool. Hope you all like this. Your views pls.

metal tube
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Rangoli: Inspiration kolam


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Padma, wonderful kuzhal kolam, superbly drawn. I think you give a tough competitor to brindha. Well done keep it up.

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So oooo perfect and neatly drawn too.

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This has comeout very well padma maam. Nobody will say that this is ur first kuzhal kolam.

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nice try padma...

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Not bad at all for a first try Padma - looks really nice. One look and it looks perfect. It is only when you look at the details that one can find many errors in the design and symmetry. I am quite sure this is 'jujubee matter' for you and you will overcome it and give us a perfect picture very soon dear Smile Brindha thanks for inspiring one more person. If only you had given me that kuzhal that day I too would have dished out something like this I suppose. Waiting to buy one to try my hand at kuzhalling Blum 3

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superb.... neat.....

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Thank you friends for your inspirational comments.

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Thank you Sudha, Rajusree, RAni, Veni, Judy, aichu for your views.

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very nice Padma.neatly drawn.

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Good try... Expecting more kuzhal kolams from you..

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Thank you usha and vinci.

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excellent creation

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This has come out neat and nice, Padma for your first try. practice will give perfection. all the best. Always the competition gives chance to improve and helps to bring out the best, Sudha! So it is nice to have a competitor:)

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well said Brindha, it is nice to have healthy competition in every field. Padma, very beautiful work. that too a bigggg one. I am sure u will become an expert in no time. Judy, me too missed to receive the kuzhal from Brindha. Whatever I purcahsed are not good, so still not suceeded in Kuzhalling!

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Thank you Lakshmi, Brinda and Rajamma Mam for your inspirational words.

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This kolam come out very well padma. well said Brindha.I appreciate your good heart.