Navrathri Kolam

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About Navrathri Kolam:

This kathakali kolam was done with my grand-daughter's help. Color powder was made from rice flour mixed with food coloring and dried.

Rangoli: Navrathri Kolam


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Absolutely breathtaking! I would like to mention her name here give her credit Smile

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Fantastic work,
Really very nice.

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Rajamma mam hats of to u..excelent work.

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Dear Lata. This rangoli was done by my daughter Jayashree during Navarathri and my grand daughter who helped her is Sahana (9year old).When I told my daughter to upload this rangoli she intentionally omitted her name , thinking it is in my login site.Anyhow I will uplaod her other rangolis also in due course.

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rajamma mam ,beautiful work!

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Rajamma Mam,
Very beautiful and artistic work. Convey my wishes to your daughter and grand-daughter

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I just wanted to mention here that I've moved this Kathakali rangoli to Rajamma madam's daughter's (Jayashree) folder, since she is the original owner Smile
Thank you for introducing yet another artist to all of us Madam!
Your rangoli looks great Jayashree. Feel free to share your mom's login.