Navaratri Golu Competition 2010

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About Navaratri Golu Competition 2010:

My Golu consists of a main golu and a theme Golu. My main Golu is made of 7+5+1 padis; 7 steps in the front, 5 to the side and 1 that connects both. Theme Golu is based on mythological stories and Indian traditions and I change this every year. This year I chose Ramayan. This picture here is the main Golu.

Golu contest 2010
Rangoli: Navaratri Golu Competition 2010


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Novel Idea to extend the kolu on sides also. Nice arrangement.

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nice arrangement and your kolam is also good.

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Nice idea of making the steps on the side too. Sort of a semi-circle golu. But I think you should have placed this in the corner and it would have looked better. Nice to have a concept - do we get a closer look at the concept?? All the best Smile

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the arrangement is a little different from the normal kolu. gives a new perspective

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very very nice arrangements. Liked the way the steps curve.

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Would hv loved a closer view of this... looks pretty though

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Lovely creation - all the best

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Excellent Arrangement!! I like the 3D (3 sided) effect

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Your 3D golu & theme golu are novel! The 5 girls on the 4th step dressed in different Indian attire look nice. Is it your creation? Wish you all the best!

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exellent.superb golu.

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Thank you all for your support and encouragement!