My first drawing on MS Paint

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The day I got a new colour monitor (1999) I was tempted to draw and colour something so I used MS Paint and drew this cartoon of Mr & Mrs Mouse having dinner at a restaurant... I was so happy with the outcome and I'm glad that i was able to copy and preserve it... now I can share it with my ikolam friends too....

Again thanks to Lata for this wonderful website....

Rangoli: My first drawing on MS Paint


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How cute! You'd made Mrs. Mouse so lady like (what am I saying here, of course, she is supposed to look like a lady) Smile
I think what I meant is, you've made her so realistic!
What a lovely tail Mrs. Mouse has! Why is Mr.Mouse getting anxious?
Thank you so much for uploading this, this is very special. You've inspired me to upload my firsts too! Smile

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Judyji.. I just can't belive in ms paint !! you made me not to cook to-day I will try to do something little one like this, great work " the first Dinner "

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Judy mam very very nice.

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i like cartoons very much n your cartoon is very nice n cute.

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thank you Lata - i am so glad you liked it... i know what you meant about Mrs. Mouse - that's exactly what i felt when i saw her after i finised drawing her and maybe Mr. Mouse is worried about the bill?? i am glad i inspired you to upload your first too and i must say that it is excellent... in the beginning i felt a bit kiddish and was apprehensive about loading this pic but then decided to go ahead and i am really happy i did... now we can see a lot of newer things being shared by many of our ikolam family members....

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Lakshmi, Indira, Bharathi thank you... Vani it did take about a week to ten days for me to finish this because you see i used to do this in office (of course only when my boss was out) and could do it only when i had spare time...

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judy simply superb excellent piece...

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Excellent jerry couples enjoying their lovely dinner at resturent It must be a Mrs jerry's bithday am i right Jude /

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WWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW excellent work judy mam. I can't believe that it is been done in MS Paint. G R E A T....!!!!

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Judy mam your drawing is good and superb......... excellent.... my daughter see your drawing she tell mummy type the message SUPERRRRRRRRRRRRR....