vinAyaka chaviti special :-)

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Many people have uploaded vinAyaka. But I made a chikku rangOli for vinAyaka's favourite, his mUshika. It has four of these and has two lines. I haven't given separate colours as it is too big. I started it yesterday, but could finish it only today. There is also a mouse overlay on one for guidance. Enjoy! Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: vinAyaka chaviti special :-)


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OMG! Smile

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I can't take my eyes off of the mousie. Why don't I steal it before anyone else gets the same cunning thought? :o

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No filter coffee for you, your highness! I drank it all up! Smile

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Haha...lata....its ur right and always u have an upper hand soon as u publish u can taste filter coffee or may be even before u present it to our eyes .......but it is nice to fight for a filter coffee...haha....jkm sir....very nice pattern ...just this very minute i want to try this....thanks for such a visual treat....

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ha ha ha this looks cho chweet, papu might like it a lot sir

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wow very nice!-suguna murugesan

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lovely presentation.... sir.,

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Wow Sir what a great idea to create a mouse using chikku kolam. If altered a little bit this would also make a cow pattern, is it not??

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Whoever is having the filter coffee first i dont mind but pls have a by-two with me.

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Very beautiful pattern and just loved it!!!!

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lata dear u had lovely hot filter coffe na then please please let me take all mousie(secretely) for my trial dear as u know now it is very difficult to do experiments(trial) with animals ..Menaka gandhi dear .is it okay with u .Excellent presentation sir .Salute to u

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wow ...amazing nice experimentation using sikku method.....hmm, i think this would be a good home work for us to make on floor with own style....shall we sir?
thanks a lot for giving us new ideas.

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JKM sir, it's tempting all of us to try it once. Very beaautiful mooshika kolam in sikku pattern.