Muggu - 3

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About Muggu - 3:

6 dots 2 times upto 2 ..i did at my pooja room

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Muggu - 3


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chaalla bagunnadhandi mee muggu.

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Sarala, onga kuti maakkolams are very cute.

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thank u laxmi garu and rajamma...

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This look nice.Keen to try but its taking a long time for me to decide where to start from.
Sorry if this might sounds silly for some experts but willing to confess.I have just started learning to draw kolam myself to put in front of the house. I have tried some simple ones from this pages and have receive plenty of praises from my neighbours.
I hope that i can come up with my own kolum one day and contribute to this page.
In Malaysia putting kolum in front of the house is not a norm but i want to inhabit the practice as i find it makes the entrance beautiful.

Thanks to Kolum team.

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Nice Muggu..But Don't where to start it from.

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Nice Muggu..But Don't know where to start it from.

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If you have starting trouble, take a look at this animated version of the same kolam: