A simple chikku kolam

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This is a simple chikku kolam which I drew on a pongal day.

Rangoli: A simple chikku kolam


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Wow...vasanthi...such a nicely made kolam by u and ur kid looks so cute and obedient..and look at his light smile as if ready to do some mischief.......haha

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very nice! ur son is so sweet!-suguna murugesan

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Lovely kolam. A happy kid to pose with his mother's work.

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Vasanthi such a lovely chikku kolam... can sons be so quiet and obedient as urs? He he... so sweet

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Very nice chikku kolam with your cute son sitting obediently may be because he wanted to be photographed with the kolam.

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Very pretty chikku kolam ....your son is proud of his mothers work.

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You call such a big design with kavi and border a simple kolam, Vasanthi? This design with 15 dots is the biggest chikku kolam that I have ever drawn!! Your strokes are very neat. And your son looks cute with that shy smile on his face!

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Very nice kolam made nicely with chalk.

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thank you rani mam, sugnana mam, vinci mam, pushpa mam, pragyamam, sinduja mam, sowmya mam and veena mam. thank you again

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Very nice kolam and cute shanmukha sitting behind the kolam.

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Very pretty chikku kolam .. ur son is so sweet!

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Very nice chikku kolam, it is a pleasure to see the younger generation enjoying our kolams.

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lovely kolam ...lovely kid.I too like his smile, innocence with mischief.

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Nice kolam and ur son looks very naughty and cute .My love and prayers to him

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thank you rekha mam and your blessing for my son, thank you subhashini mam, rajamma amma and lakshmi mam.

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wow....he too likes kolams? good to know that

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Cute son with a tiny smile on his face - I can see he is proud of his mom's kolam