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“Love your mother - protect her with early detection”

On the occasion of Mother’s day i.e. Sunday, 10th May 2015; “Love your mother - protect her with early detection” an eye-opener was organized by D.S Research Centre.

Mother is the most important person of one’s life. We present our mothers with various bags, shoes, dresses, dinners, movies, etc. However, we do not make any efforts for our beloved mother to stay in our lives for a longer period.

On Mother’s Day 2015, D.S.Research Centre took an initiative to tell kids to protect their mother’s by educating them on Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer.

A Rangoli depicting the love of a mother and her baby, was created at Dattani Square Mall, Vasai. A pledge board was present where patrons pledged to educate their mother on cancer to protect her.

Information on self-breast examination and cervical cancer was distributed amongst women in the form of educative leaflets.

Games and quizzes made cancer awareness a fun activity for all the mothers and their children.

Our mothers have protected us all throughout their lives. It is time we protect them, from Cancer.

Together we will save our world from Cancer!

-By Dr.Jamila Khokhana
DS Research Center, Mumbai.

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Mother's day
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Laudable & Timely Efforts.

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Very good effort to educate the mother and children of Vasai village which is an extended suburban of Mumbai.

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Great job.... Angel Angel Angel Angel Smile Smile Smile