Grapes Rangoli

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This is the grape season. I am sending you all 6 bunches of grapes. Dotted rangoli, count 11-6.

Rangoli: Grapes Rangoli


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Sweet grapes!! Neat work...

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cute and sweet....

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thanks for d sweet grapes mam

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பத்மா ஒங்க கோலகொடியில் பூத்த/காச்ச இந்த முந்தரி ரொம்பவே இனிப்பா இருக்கு

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i hope the grapes should be so sweet as like your kolam, very nice, even one of my kolam with grapes border is published today, pls have a look at it and tell your comments

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Grapes are nice, though seeded. Wish they were bigger!

Regards! - mOhana

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Normal kolam getting extended by drawing grapesaa? Good idea.

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nice and cute kolam.

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Thanks for the idea Padma. Easy and yummy extensions for all. Smile

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Grape kolam - apt for the season I think - very neat Smile

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Padma maam sweet grapes kolam... I love both the kolam as well as grapes

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Thank you all

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nice kolam, but how to put dots. please show only dots without drawing to know how to put the dots.