Morning raaga kolam with dot count

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About Morning raaga kolam with dot count : PRINT

This is the drawing of my recent morning raaga with clear dot count i.e 9-5 inbetween dots.
Now you beleive it is a simple design.( Only coloring makes it look complicated.)

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Morning raaga kolam with dot count


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Hello Rajam, kolam looks beautiful, i agree with you as you said colouring will be a difficult task.

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lovely thanq for ur sketch!-suguna murugesan

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Nice kolam Rajamma mam.


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Maha, nice to see you back. The colored version of this kolam is here.

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nice wk mam

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Very pretty & simple design, Rajamma ma'am. I am really amazed at your artistry in transforming such a simple kolam into a bright and beautiful coloured beauty !!

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Thanks for fulfulling our wish. The kolam is beautiful and you have transformed the outer extra dots intelligently in urning that to a beautiful free hand design. Thanks for the creativity.

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Very nice and beautiful kolam.

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What a creativity!!!! ....a simple one made to look so fabulous in your colored version!!!

ammuchandhini's picture this really that...i can't believe rajamma wonder why lakshmi has been calling u a beautician for so long...haha....hats off to ur creativity ....

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Thank you. Looks simple but not very easy to draw. Should draw patiently to get the symmetry right. Lovely design. Coloured one was also beautiful.

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Simple and beautiful.

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and an experienced one Rani - she does these things with such ease. Super simple design Rajam - thanks for taking the trouble to share the simplicity of this design with us..

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Thanks RajamAmma for giving a blueprint for your super kolam. The basic pattern looks to be a simple , but your experienced hands has created wonders in colors.

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Muruga!!!! is this really the pattern u did Rajamma maam, ur so gifted and a wonderful kolam beautician i must say... If i had attempted the same design it would not have come so beautiful as urs... tx for this and tx all the more for the beautified one

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Nice design Rajamma Mam!!!!....

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Black and white makeup.hhhehe looks very nice,

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Actually I like this explanatory work. Except in chikku kOlams, in other so-called dotted kolams, the dots are never seen. In fact, such patterns can be drawn even without dots. That is why sometime I feel, if I don't see dots, there are no dots Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Yes, as Mr mOhanaji said, the chikku kolam needs dots. Other design kolams canbe drawn with out keeping dots also. But with the help of dots we can do perfect symmetrical designs. Even though I like free hand designs, I am interested in creating different designs with the same dot count and with perfect symmetry. Normally we connect the adjusent dots with straight lines or curved lines to create the designs. I create new designs by connecting two dots skipping the inbetween dots ( calling it ' Bypass' lines ). Most of my morning raagas are 9-5 or 7-4 inbetween dots only since my black granite slab is 2ft/2ft only. But get different designs by trials.
I always give the dot counts of colored rangolis just for you all to find out the basic drawings. After a long time I felt happy that you all wanted to explore on this. I must thank you all. Will upload one more such kolam for you to guess the dot count.

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Thanks so much for the double delight! Smile
Please upload the dotted one and the colored version on the same day, if possible, so I can publish it side by side. Smile