Modified Padikolam

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Here I have drawn slightely a different type of padikolam using wet maavu.The floor is sloppy and the batter also watery so I could not get the desired effect. But no time to repeat it so sending it as it is.

Rangoli: Modified Padikolam


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Very beautiful design!
(Please remind Jayaji to check her email. I'll be checking back only tomorrow. Thank you.) Smile

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Truly Amazing Kolam, Rajamma Ma'am......

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No curvesl Innovative and imaginative!

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Rajam ma'am ரொம்போ நல்ல இருக்கு வித்யாசமா இர்ருக்கு (இந்தேப்படி இருக்கு என் தமிழ் ):-)

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Something out of the ordinary Rajamma...

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Modern padikkolam. Nice.

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As always a very good padi kolam from you rajamma ma'am... the kolam is different yet does not deprive us of the beauty one would see in rajamma ma'am's kolam..

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I like this, as usual efficient. If the top corners are made horizontal, we would have a kalaSam at the four corners.

Regards! - mOhana

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Wow. that's very nice. Still symmetry is maintained. Very good kolam ma'm.

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Thank you all for your nice comments and tips to improve.First thought of putting Thulasi Maadam with Lamps (since it was facing my Thulsi Plant), later increased the outer design avoiding curved lines and got this design.
When people are here to encourage new/ novel designs, let me try some more.

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Asha, your mazhalai thamizh conveyed the message beautifully.

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Rajammaji very beautiful padikolam,nice shadings.

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Very pretty padi kolam Rajamma ma'am..

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Very nice different padikolam.I like it.