Modified old kolam

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About Modified old kolam:

After putting 13-7 inbetween dots ,I just started doing a butterfly kolam but ended with this design. colored it with the remaining old kolam powders.( new stock has to bring for Pongal no?)

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Modified old kolam


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Very nice kolam Rajamma mam. Looking very bright.


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Bright and beautiful RajamMam.

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Very nice bright kolam. Good idea to put maa kolam and colour it. Intelligent coluring.


very nice kolam mam very bright and beautiful

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fantastic work done mam...Thenikkal malargalai sutri varuvathu pol oru thotram(bees around flowers ) more kolams on the way for pongal with new stock.........

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very nice maam

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Wonderful color kolam with extraordinary colours

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Beautiful rajamma mam. Bright colouring and the blue butterflies formed a chain to guard your kolam.

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Wow Imagination Rajamma maam, who can tell this is such a common kolam that we all must hv tried once at least... nice way of depicting it as butterflies and nice way of coloring, he he I am going to adichify (rob) this also.

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very nice kolam with bright colors.

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Very very creative mind. Beautiful.

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Rajamma Mam!!!! Excellent, looks like a painting....

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beautiful design.......

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bright ,beautiful ,bold,hmm... different makeup..... this time hehehe..i like the blue colour lines...

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Great imagination rajamma mam...ur kolam looks so bright and beautiful...

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very beautiful rajam.very bright kolam also.

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beautiful...we are waiting for the butterfiles to come out of their cocoons Smile

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போகிக்குள்ள பழைய தேங்கா பொடி கலர் பொடி எல்லாம் காலி பண்ணி பொங்கல் முதல் புதுசா என்னென்ன புதுமைகள் பண்ண ஐடியா வெச்சிருக்கே?

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Beautiful kolam and the coloring work.. I like the shades of blue color used for butterfly wings..
I'm surprised, Lakshmi couldn't view any butterflies, bees, Ants in this kolam:)

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very nice rajamma gud one

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excellent kolam, colour comibination is very good


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Rajamma ma'am,
I love all your kolams.. especially the maakolams.. the lines are so flowy & smooth. I need your advice on preparing the rice batter for these maakolams. I tried using the readymade (dry) rice flour mixed with water. It was a disaster. I dont have suitable mixer/ grinder in my apartment to grind wet rice. I wanted to ask your advice.