Merry Christmas Poinsettia Rangoli

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About Merry Christmas Poinsettia Rangoli:

This Christmas kolam is an ideal design for your frontyard during the Christmas holidays. It not only beautifies and makes the outside of your home more colorful, but also wishes every passer-by a very "Merry Christmas"!
The grid of dots for this kolam has the following number of dots: the horizontal middle chunk has 4 rows of 16 dots each. Above that, there is a row of 12 dots, followed by 14, 12, 14, 8 and finally 4 dots (one above the other in the sequence given all the way in the UP direction). Now for the other directions: put the same number of dots as in the UP direction i.e 12, 14, 12, 14, 8 and finally 4 dots respectively one below the other row in the DOWN direction. You have to see the picture of dots to make the row of 8 dots (in both up and down directions) because they are irregular, but not difficult to follow. Similarly, you would've to be a bit creative while writing the letter Y in the word MERRY, because you're going to be left with 2 stray dots on either side at the bottom of the Y if you use the capital Y instead of y. Please see the animation to understand what I'm referring to. The flowers in this kolam could be colored red and green to make it look like Poinsettia (keeping the Christmas theme in mind). Dual colors are recommended for the candles. Please click on the blue arrow located at the bottom of the dot grid, to view the animation.

Chikku Kolam
Dotted kolam


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tooooooooooooooo goooooooooood....

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hatssssssssssssssssssssssss offffffffffffffffffffffffffff

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Lata, Nice x'mas kolam. Where are the cakes?

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Everyone at home already finished the cake that my friend sent over, but, tomorrow we are going to be baking our cookies, and that I might "share". :0
Thanks everybody.

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Thank u latha for sharing such a beautiful animated kolam apt for christmas....

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a very good kolam indeed....looks pretty..

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Thjough 5 year old, this x'mas card is as fresh as if done today. Thanks for the wishes.

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Nice kolam.

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different kolam..looks grand