markazhi kolam

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Festivels starts with kolam.Rangoli revathiilango: markazhi kolam by revathiilango

Dotted Kolam (connected dots)
16X6 dotted kolam
16x16-straight dots
16 dots - 6 lines
end with 6 dots
Rangoli: markazhi kolam


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Wonderful pattern, executed neatly! May I ask, how many dots if it is a dotted design? Smile

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Thankyou Smile It is 16 dots, 6 lines, end with 6 dots. Happy you are asking this.

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Thank you for providing the dot counts.

What has happened over the past years is; if the dots details are not added, new members end up asking for them in comments, and by that time, it is too late to expect a response from the original artist. Now that you've provided, we can add the dot details to the tags area above the rangoli, and at the click of a button, you can expect to see many 16 dotted rangoli patterns listed to enjoy and learn. We get responses from members, that they have learnt a lot from this site that way. :bigsmile:

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Thankyou Smile .Me too is expecting the younger genaration & kolam artists learn this. In future kolam may not be vanished. So the mediam is you & i am thankful to you.