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Hi all,

I drew this for marghazi dew drops rangoli contest 2010. This is my first competition in ikolam. Hope you all like it. please give your comments on this rangoli Enjoy !!!!!!!

Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010


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very pretty sudha ji. nice creation.

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thanks indu maam, for your lovely comment

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very pretty sudhaji n very nice creation.

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thanks for the comments

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compact, pretty. design around the stars look like bees!

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thanks a lot

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very nice and in the blank coloured portion u might have drawn some design with white powder

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thanks for your suggestion

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Excellent sudha madam, nice colour combination

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thanks nithya for your comments

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very pretty rangoli..beautiful colours and design..Wish you all the best!

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thanks a lot for your lovely comments lakshmi

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Pretty design

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sumathi maam, thanks a lot

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Good color combination. The inner flower looks like stencil, So perfect. All the best

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yes vinci maam , the innder circle is stencil, thanks for your comments. by the way maam, where are you staying,?, what is your full name ?
Are you from bangalore ? ooooooooof tooo many questions, reply at your convenience.

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chennagide Sudhaavre...good colors...the stars kind of desing makes the feel of madhubani art ...may be some designs on green like the sanskar bharathi form would have enhanced more, mainly becos of more space available there.

good one, best wishes.

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as you said i tried with the sanskar bharathi design for the empty space. but some how the design was messed with too many designs. any ways thanks for your good comments and comparison

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very very pretty.

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thanks a lot sugi

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very nice kolam . center design is beautiful

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thanks a lot,indulatha

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very nice

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please check mail and also under the heading bangalore meet blog posts on the main page of ikolam thanks a lot for your comments. the meet will be held on 17th or 18th of april 2010 please let me know.

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check your mail maam and also see the blogs post on the main page under bangalore meet

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First look - Enticing,
Creativity - traditional,
Details - very well drawn, good colouring, Better standout colours could have been chosen for the mango motifs.
Symmetry - well maintained.
Overall - Excellent.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks a lot Mohanaji for the enthusiastic comments posted to my kolam.

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valare nannayitondu. keep it up.

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thanks maam for the comments

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suppper madam, keep it up,

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sudha it is really nice another good piece of work. all the best

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No words to comment,really looks like a kolam sticker!!!!all the bests

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thanks a lot for your comments anantharajam maam,

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Hai Sudha
very attractive colours. Superb design. all the best.ven kambalathil kotti kidakum stars romba arumai.

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akhila, that you very very much for your good comments.

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very very pretty : really you are a very artistic person anyways all the best.

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sudha excellent work, superbly drawn, wish you all the best. All the kolam in the competition are very nice. How long you took to draw?

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very very good
nice color combination
wish u all the best

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thanks a lot.

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Sudha ma'am very very beautifully done... the color combination is excellent and done very neatly...

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thanks a lot maam for your comments

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maam it is very extremely beautiful, well done great job all the best

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suppper mamm, colous are bright, i liked the stars very much, mango motifs looks great

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wow. that's nice coloring. All the best.

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Sudha, the maroon colored elements surrounding the green circle remind me of Russian Babushka dolls! And you've interesting black bugs scurring around the maroon stars. Pretty paisleys comfortably sitting around the inner design, and the tiny white flower at the center of it all, looks so perfect - almost "machine made"! Very lovely entry Sudha! All the best. Smile

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thanks a ton lata, the comments really boosts us to put more kolams which pleases everyone no matter the efforts we take, vanishes by the comments posted. I am really enjoying it.

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thanks a lot maam.

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Sudha when you say 'my first competition kolam' it brings fond memories for me as my very first submission to ikolam started with last year's Marghazhi competition (though I was a member much earlier I never actively participated in the site until last year) - so it is just one year since I related with my ikolam friends and I am happy I did.

I can see you have spent a lot of time to perfect this rangoli as it is really good - the colour combination is nice and I agree with Anirudh on the madhubani stuff but it also looks like warli art to me.. If you had bordered every section with a contrast colour this rangoli would have looked really excellent - and yes the green portion does look a bit empty - on the whole a very well made rangoli - all the best Smile

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judy, hi, thanks for your lovely comments, after posting this kolam for the contest, i tried with sanskar bharathi design in the empty space but some how i was not convinced with the design i thought it would have spoilt the look of the kolam

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extraordinarily excellent work, i liked your kolam as the colours are good, wish you all the best