Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010

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I welcome every one to my home on this magic carpet. It has been my long term desire to make a carpet. I did one for the first time and it is for you to judge how good it is.

Rangoli: Margazhi Dew Drops Rangoli Contest - 2010


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wow no words to praise. iam speechless. wonderful seems soo small a word to say. looks like a real carpet no onw will belive if we say its a rangoli.

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Brinda, Did you use any stencils to make all the flowers in the centre, side corners and the centre three designs? It is really marvellous.

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wonderful...about to touch to feel it Smile has come out soooo natural, great masterpiece brindaji

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Yes, looks like a real carpet. No one will believe it's rangoli. Wonderful, beautiful

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u have succeeded in ur first attempt ,it looks like the real carpet

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wonderfull magic carpet!!it looks like a real!!great masterpice!!! yes sudha iam also same doubt! Wish you all the best!

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look great!
all the best

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wooooooow.........its superb........ great work.......... it looks like a real carpet.....fantastic work.

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Wow is it for real? Looks like a weave, You will have to definitely let us in on the techniques used, it'd be an amazing learning experience. All the best!

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this one really deserves the first prize or a special prize . thats for sure. do other members accept my point of view?

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fantastic desigh looks like real carpet colour combination also very very good

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What a magic carpet done with magical fingers

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Wow... its really superb!!!

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fantastic work.what else can we say.superb.

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kolkata kuliruku yatra kambali. rommba nalla erukku.

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Wow...can't believe it is rangoli & not real carpet...
This one will surely win this contest for uniqueness, neatness, design & choice of colors...
Do share with us whether it is free hand, or dotted or stencil work...if dotted do share design with us...
Best Wishes

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really a stunning work brinda.

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cant resist visiting your kolam every five mins

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First look - grand,
Creativity - traditional though intricate,
Details - very painstakingly coloured, almost flawless, pleasing colours, the white ends are very realistic.
Symmetry - Generally good,
Overall - fantastic.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thank you everyone for your valuable comments and votes. There is no stencil work in this and is fully hand made dotted kolam.

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i feel like sitting on this magic carpet and fly around the world

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looking great. all the best.

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Brindha ma'am this is really awesome... you should seriously start designing carpets... this is so beautifully done... it does not seem like a kolam at all... so realistically done

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Hey Brinda,
Had to visit your wonderful work again today...just can't take my eyes off it...hope you will share the dotted pattern with us. As you did not use stencils, how long did it take to make?

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A dotted kolam!! I wouldn't have guessed it Brinda! Smile
It is beautiful and very realistic. As usual the colors chosen work well for the pattern. The fringes on both edges of the carpet are unbelievably made! Flawless work and very beautiful indeed. Smile

If possible do upload the basic dotted kolam separately made (maybe done on a piece of paper), one of these weeks. Thank you.

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I'm dumb stuck here brindha maam. It's marvellous nobody will say that this is rangoli. OMG that's qwesome.

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Brindha maa'm i couldn't resisit viewing ur kolam every 3 mins. That's awesome.

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only one word...WINNER ( the competition)...wot else to say about the kolam...i'm still figuring out if it is a kolam or a real carpet...simply perfect, awesome, fantastic, superb, mindblowing, beautiful (i'm running out of adjectives..please help me with more)

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I have become speechless! I had to pinch myself to come bac to normalself..
You are the WINNER!!

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no words very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Wow it is beautiful. perfect

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OMG Brindha - I am sure you are bluffing us - this is a real carpet (cheating cheating) - like Saras said I had to pinch myself to believe it is a handmade rangoli. Oh come on Judy! even after seeing Brindha's earlier creations how can you come up with this doubt?? (I am checking myself for doubting friends - do excuse me)- this is just unbelievable, you have left me dumbfounded Brindha. Every part of this masterpiece is so perfectly crafted and displayed that there is nothing to describe how lovely it is - a sure WINNER (so no need to say all the best to you) Smile

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It looks like a real carpet. Really very nice.. Smile

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brinda ji can u please tell me which shop u buy your colors?

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Thanks everyone. Judy you are excused Smile . I will upload the dotted version in another post (after the voting).

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toindhu, you can make your own kolapodis at home by mixing holy colour powders with normal white powder.

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Great Carpet!! Fantastic design

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Amazing kolam Brindhaji Smile

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mam unga mat kolam nalla irruku ungaluku irrukura vittu velaiku mathila eppadi ivalavu paiting work pannuringa
ugaluku ennoda parattukal
sudha baktha

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Vilaimadhippillaadha carpet... Brindha no words to praise your wonderful work.The mild colors used give this carpet a fantastic look.

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Myself a renowned judge of Kolam contests in Australia, I give you 5 stars!

Well done!

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ROmba nanri Sudha, Rajamma ma'm and Rangolamma for your appreciation

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Real carpet polave erukku.

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super aunty ! Lets fly to see chinnu Biggrin
- Anupama

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Romba nallarukku aunty!.. Please make Preeti to do it for us Biggrin
- Lavanya

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Hi brindha, What made you to stop giving the comments/votes?. Being an expert we expect some comments so that we get motivated to put more kolams which can please you. Where you so busy for all these five days ????????????????????. I will be expecting your valuable comments and suggestions.

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Hi Sudha, don't get disappointed that i didn't voted. I did my job. But i will post my comment from today onwards. You yourself is one of the experts. (I am not such an expert. Still learning).

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Hearty congratulations for a grand entry and for your participation Brinda. Smile