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Perambalur - India

Due to Amavasai, Im able to draw rangoli on floor. So, I tried this digital version. Hope u all like it pa. Smile



Tnx my dear friends...

Tnx my dear friends... Smile

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Wow lovely kolam and cute

Wow lovely kolam and cute animation as well... so glad to have someone do an animated kolam...

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Wow...nice animation

Wow...nice animation kolam...which software did u use gomathy...after lata's digital creations...this is d first one that i am seeing...nice attempt pa Smile


Thank u rani. I am using

Thank u rani. I am using flash professional pa. Smile

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very nice animation kolam.

very nice animation kolam.

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wow!!! wonderful creation....

wow!!! wonderful creation....

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nice design with gud

nice design with gud animation Smile

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Very nice pinwheel design

Very nice pinwheel design done in a digital format! I enjoyed watching the tiny dotted kolams spinning around. Smile

Please include a static copy of the rangoli as well in future for animated ones. (We need two images - one actual animated one and another static one so our system can use for slideshow-thumb images. I made a separate static one this time so I can showcase it in the front page in the slideshow. I'm excited to see more from you. Love ).


Thank u very much Lataji.

Thank u very much Lataji. Smile After uploading my swf file only I understood the problem of uploading animated one mam. Now I am clear about uploading animated creations. (one static, one animated). Once again thank u very much for the information pa. (This time also an impeccable timing occurs Wink ). Coz, I thought the same thing about the animated upload and decided to ask u after some time. Love Laughing out loud Big smile

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wow super but thalai suthuthu

wow super but thalai suthuthu Smile


Thank u very much fr ur

Thank u very much fr ur instant comment sugu mam. Smile Just I tried an animated version with 5-1 small chikku kolam as dots to bigger rangoli. Smile