Margazhi kolam on 1st day of 2010

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Margazhi kolam done by my mother-in-law n me on new year day.
Please comment it.

Rangoli: Margazhi kolam on 1st day of 2010


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Very nice and superb!

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Lata definitely some co-incidence or you are grouping the kolams before uploading?? Freehand section I saw so many peacocks and dotted rangoli section this is the third identical kolam (with a little modification) I am viewing - strange but true Smile

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The only grouping I did was to separate them as Freehand or dotted. Other than that I made sure I published 3 of our new members who had waited enough. After uploading them all, I realized that there were about 3 peacock rangolis in the freehand category, and about the same number in the dotted section, with the roses kolams. It is a coincidence today. Lets see what happens tomorrow. Smile

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very simple and wonderfully drawn .

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bautiful and looks bright also,nice colour match,keep it up, waiting to see more of ur ceations.