margazhi kolam-8

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This is a sikkal kolam drawn in margazhi. This is a easy one.

Rangoli: margazhi kolam-8


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very neatly drawn chiku kolam. the thin strokes is really nice.

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deepaji your kolam looks neat and bright...yes sudha thin lines looks very nice,...keep it up.

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nice chikku kolam, the thin strokes are looking good

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Deepa, your kolam looks very nice.

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Deepa, idhu oru sikkale illaadha azhgu chikku kolam. neatly drawn.

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Nice Rangoli Deepa. The same pattern may be drawn with 9-1 dots. As others said, the thin strokes are looking nice.

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neatly drawn deepa

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Thin strokes, bright chikku kolam - only next time pay attention to the overall neatness as some of the lines are crooked Smile

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Deepa maam this is a cute kolam and one of my favorites cos not only does it look cute when drawn but it is also a simple kolam for beginners... nicely done