Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

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My entry for Margazhi Kolam contest 2008. The dot count is 25 x 13 (inbetween dots).

Brindha nagesh

Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009


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This kolam is perfect everywhere especially the blue lotus and the purple diamond inside adds to its beauty.the kolam is simply symmetrical wonder.

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u will get the pride of south india
very nice kolam mam

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very nice....
neat work....[:)]

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can u send me tis kolam pic to my id plz...

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neat and clean work

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Simply fantastic-a treat to all our eyes.Congrats in advance-wish there were more stars to vote for.

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Very Very Very nice. Beautiful colour combination. neat work. Deserves first prize.

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Very nice and neat. It is very much like a painting. Simply super.

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perfect design perfect colour and very fentastic kolam.

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Thank you my friends..

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Very well done! excellent choice of colors too...

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Neat, symmetric, colorful and well done!

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Thank you Bhagirathi, Vani and Jayamohan.

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very nice, elegant and beautiful. Keep it up

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Very nice Brindha....

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perfect symmetry and very good colour combinations. you really deserve to win.

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brindha mam, u r the winner
veryyyyyyyyyyy nice and very neat and very nice design

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This impresses a lot and all the best to win.

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excellent good colour combination very neat finish

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excellent colour combination - very very neat work - hats off.........

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Hai........... Brinda nagesh your kolam is very very neatness, brightness, colourfulness & beautiful.

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very nice

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excellent colour combinatoin.

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excellent colour combination and neat workkeep it up

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Nice color combination...and neat work...keep it up

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simply superb.

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It is indeed very beautiful. I like the way in which
the mangoes were coloured. However, I don't understand
the connection between mangoes and lotus flowers Wink
I appreciate very much the way in which symmetry was preserved
in rangoli as well as in colouring. All in all, a superb
effort! Best of luck and regards! - mOhana

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very attractive
color combination.

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Thanks for liking this Kolam.
jkmrao, I am amazed at the way you are giving detailed suggestions / criticisms of all the creations which are presented here. People are going to love your writeups / observations. Some of the ideas you write, I am sure, even the creators wud'nt have thought about. eventhough I wud like to do similar write ups, I am hard pressed for time.

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excellent work i like very much simply superb

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Excellent and neat work. Colour combination is very good.

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Please send this rangoli to my email id -

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This is the perfect way of colouring a kolam. Very nicely done. Really I appreciate the pains you would have taken to colour this kolam

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Perfect Kolam with the colour shading

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Excellent colour combination and neat work

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very beautiful kolam & very neat work even i take soomuch pains to put kolams

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This kolam is perfect, especially the curves and lines to its beauty.

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Very good &neat work.

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Excellent Brindha. The kolam very very very nice, superb. Colour combinations are very perfect. I didnt saw a kolam like this in chennai.

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Excellent work, a visual treat I should say.. I hope you get a prize cos it is worth it.... the merging of colors, the combinationg, and the neatness is par excellence. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks to all who voted for my kolam. I myself voted for Mani Vasuki. She deserves the first place...

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very very very very very very very very very very very nice and superab and give me the full dots picture, so that i guide my self.

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