Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009

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I have just created my account in this site. I came to know through my friends. I have attached one of my kolam for the Margazhi kolam contest 2009.

This is a straight dotted kolam. Horizontally 65 dotted in one line. I have done this kolam on my terrace. It takes a huge place so that i am not able to take a one kolam picture clearly. but the other side also the same design only. This kolam refers to all are same. we are indians.


With regards
Sumathi k

Rangoli: Margazhi dew drops Kolam contest - 2008-2009


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One more wonderful work. A perfect work.

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she deserves great appalause and congraj for ur hard work. keep it up

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wonderful kolam

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nice concept and neatly drawn

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very good thought

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wonderful work Smile

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a classic piece of art

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wonderful work

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Superb looks nice.

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how long you drawn this?? wonderful work

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Good mural type of kolam.

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Superb! How many hours did you take to complete this?
I am very glad you didn't add colours to this and
destroy its effect Smile In 2002, based on similar
ideas, I drew a tesselation. I'll upload it at a later
date. Not only the rangoli is good, but also the feeling
heart behind it. Best of luck and regards! - mOhana

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Great work,good concept, it is very nice with out any colours.

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Wonderful idea,very neat finish,has a very spritual look

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Great salute for yr thought.Very nice.

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how much time u take to draw this kolam? very excellent. keep it up. really u have patience to do this.

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Hi Krithikaa, This kolam tooks 6 hours to finish it.

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Thank you Dakshini, Srinivasan, Viji, rani, rajamma, indira, darshana, radha , hema , brindha, lakshmi, koteeswari, Padma, and Sumathi V.
Thank you very much. I feel very happy when i read all your comments.

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Really wonderful work. great appalause.

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very happy about ur effort,no words about ur patience.

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Good concept. Is it possible to get a 'Gopuram' effect on kolam? Let's try!

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Indhiya naadu yen veedu , Indhiyan yenbadhu yen payru .excellent thought and work.'s picture

You very talented because it is very difficult to put this type of kolam .Excellent good job . Let me share some more kolam from you Iam waiting to see it.