ammuchandhini's picture

Hai to all...when i was half done with this dotted kolam 27-1 dotsa...veni told me that this was already done by her as a 19 dotted Latha I leave it to u to publish this...



Lata's picture

Rani, how does it matter if anybody else has done the exact same design? What matters is that you did it and you're sharing your version of it here with all of us. Smile
This looks very pretty with green outer stroke.

By the way, my version of one of your recently published dotted kolam 19x1 was done by me six years ago.
My animated version of the same pattern:
The difference was in the medium and the way we count the dots. You had counted the dots horizontally, whereas I had counted it vertically and hence the count 30 to 6 as per my count. Smile

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u Latha for ur encouraging comments and ya I too saw ur animated kolam...lovely one...thanks again dear....

lakshmiraghu's picture

wow!!looks very very colour gives rich look to this.

smahalakshmi's picture

Wow, very beautifully done Rani mam.


rajamma_2's picture

Rani, ordinary day chikku kolam is this size, I am wondering what will be the contest kolam!. Anyhow we all can only repeat chikku kolams from Veni and Rani gallery only.
Here the the green color border white beauty is lovely. How much time u took to finish this.( No back pain after putting this?)

bhaktipargaonkar's picture

this is very perfect rani mam

Indubabu's picture

Amazing chikku kolam. The green line is very pretty. - Indu

Padma Prakash's picture

Wow what a pretty sikku kolam Rani. All of us have repeated many kolam of others and named as copy cat kolams. Though the kolams are similar, presentation skill will differ for each. Just like, if everyone cook the same dish with same ingredients, still the taste differs. Thanks for a huge wonderful kolam.

Anisha Raghunath's picture

lovely done the green outer line stroke loooks pretty......

Vinci's picture

Beautiful display Rani. The green color looks too cute.. The top portion looks perfect..
Thanks for leaving some space on the sides, no need to jump.. For sure your contest kolam needs a rope car Smile

Pragaya's picture

Excellently done big kolam. The outer green border is very nice and is giving an interwoven look - like the one we do in a sweater knitting.

veena manigandan's picture

Amazing work. Most of things that i wanted to say is already mentioned by Rajamma and Vinci Mam.

viji_j86's picture

pretty rani.
the green outline is really a nice idea.

umaraja's picture

speechless rani, i just wonder and love ur enthu to do such hardworks each day, its though an hobby its quite tedious which may take hours to plan , execute and upload, u r an energy booster ,d green looks so bright, any spl effect? iam sure u r d winner of d contest undoubtedly, advance wishes dear.

dibbutn's picture

Rani maam hello dear... this is so neatly done and such wonderful bold strokes... the killipachai gives it a bright look... very nice dear... seeing all this i am frightened to take part in the contest now he he

vijaysowmya's picture

A very huge kolam done very beautifully.....your green colour looks like a welcome thoranam ....amazing work...

ammuchandhini's picture

Thank u lakshmi, maha, rajamma mam (I did this in half an hour and no back pain for this kolam only d sikku kolams which i am colouring recently r taking a lot of time...haha), thanks bhakthipargaonkar, indu mam, padma (exactly dear...what u have said is hundred percent true but it didn't occur to me while uploading..), thanks anisha, vinci (yes pa I too felt d bottom side was not ok..) thanks pragaya, veena mam, viji mam, uma (how could u forget our veni...according to my daughter d very next min I told about d contest she announced veni and our dear pushpa as winner and runner ups hahah)thanks push (too much yaar...I myself not sure about d contest as we r not having enough sunlight here so that I can do d contest kolam on one evening...leisurely..) and thank u sowmya...uma d green col which we get here in chennai is like that bright spl effects...

jasree's picture

Excellent sikku kolam Rani with very pleasing green border. Awesome.....