Diamond Kolam

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About Diamond Kolam : PRINT

Lata mam 2 days before i submitted one rose kolam why it is not issued,please check and issue that with this kolam.The dot reference for this kolam is 15-8 inbetween dots.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Diamond Kolam


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very nice design. very beautiful. take care.

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Thank u alamelu mam.Whatever colour kolam i issued in this website is all are put in my sisters house .She stays very near to us.I have no space to put kolam in front of my house.She constructed a new house So whenever i go i put colour kolam.

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Beautiful and very neat mat filling. The design is also quite different in 15-8 count. Thank you

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meena...i just love ur soft colours used for this kolam...d outline strokes r striking as usual...

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Meena, very nice design neatly drawn and colored tastefully. The thick white outline is the main attraction that add the beauty.

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Meena maam lovely kolam with nice thick lines and pleasing coloring

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Pleasing colors n lovely kolam.

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Beautiful kolam which is done very neatly. Soft colouring adds that special touch Smile

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Thanku for all giving nice comments

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soothing colors to the eyes....i like the way u have used the curved lines in the center star....btw can you also share that parrot design in that profile pic?

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sorry anirudh parrot kolam is not uploading because the size is very big but however i put that kolam in the floor and share it. Till that please u wait for sometime.

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beatufiul kolam with pleasing colours and the finish gives the rich look and looks very grand

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I like it, picture perfect!

Regards! - mOhana

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hai, meena mam today only i open your gallery really it was nice particularly this one is no words to say i like the perfect striking and also colour combination really amazing one, try to give more for ous thankyou for sharing nice one