Macramme wall hanger

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This is a macrame wall hanger. Done by me
this is for arts and crafts session

Rangoli: Macramme wall hanger


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Very beautiful! Is there any craft that you are not involved in, Viji madam? Smile

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Thankyou for the comments Lata.Ther are lots to be learnt by me.
This weekend I amgoing for a candle making class.
Uploading my works encourging me to learn more and more. Thanks

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Candle making class should be fun! I'm sure you would be experimenting with scents in candles too, let me know what you think of Gardenia-scented candles. Smile

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Viji, have fun and share your arts!

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This looks very pretty Viji..

Candle making is interesting with the colours, shapes, combinations etc etc that are available - I would love to try my hand at that too but in a professional way.. When we went to Delhi in 2004 Anita bought one packet of a basic ingredient to make gel candles and it slept in the cupboard for 3 years - finally last year she took it out and experimented one candle which she gifted to her Grandmother (my Mum) last Christmas.. My Mum was thrilled to bits as she loves candles - will take a pic and upload sometime..

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Thats a wonderful wall hanging viji,candle making class?? how many classes viji?

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Viji u r the Crafts- woman of ikolam!

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Very beautiful and very crafty!!! good job!!!

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Very nice