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This simple maavu kolam has dot count 9 to 1, hope you like it

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Maakolam


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Pushpa, small kolam, big border but as usual very neat and attractive.cute coloring

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The birds with red beaks are so cute. Have you restricted them from flying by locking them with colorful wings.

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Wow, super, colour combination is pretty, and the birds are looking all the four sides to see which side ikolam members are visiting your place!

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hai pushpa...beautiful red and yellow combination in ur kolam which looks very mangalakaram....

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I love it

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wooow Pushpa, really fantastic. it looks as though you have painted it. the colours are too good

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Pushpa, beautiful kolam. The colour combination is good and gives a rich look to the small beauty.

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Cute birdie kolam with cute border, Pushpa:)

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Good birdies and nice svAstika with pleasing colours. What more can you ask?

Regards! - mOhana

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cute kolam with cute and neat border..wonderful work mam...

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very cute.

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wow very nice and simple kolam

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wow!!birds looks sooooooooo sweet pushpa.. i like the cute border

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கடுகு சிறுத்தாலும் காரம் குறையாது . அதுபோல புஷ்பாவின் கோலம் சின்னதானாலும் அதன் அழகு குறையாது.

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The colors are so apt, and just right! Even a small kolam can look fantastic if drawn by a person like you! Beautiful.

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I like the way these birdies are dancing in a circle - very very neatly done Pushpa Smile