Maa Kolam

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About Maa Kolam:

This is a freehand Maakolam which I tried using ideas from different members of Ikolam, Rani maam your red zebra design I used here... not a perfect one, yet felt like sharing with u all, hope u like it

Rangoli: Maa Kolam


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hai pushpa...beautiful maakolam with kavi...its sooooo beautiful....

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Yes, beautiful bright maakolam with kavi

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nice traditional padi maavu with some simple & neat decorations

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Hi pushpa, beautiful as usual. U r a maa kolam expert. The design looks like, four insects are sitting on all the four sides of the square and waiting for a running competition. All d four are waiting for the command " Ready start Pooooo....". Am I correct?

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very nice

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Hey Pushpa, just 2 days back I got a photo ( 10 year old) of the same kolam made by kolam powder . I'll upload it for comparing. In all your maakolams there is some spl touch which make it look grand. Why not provoke Vidya to put wetmaavukolam?( summaa vambukku izhukkalaamaa?)

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Rombba azhaga irukuda pushh.. Why you always prefer maa kolam push? Any secret behind tat? Rajamma ji u know what? My very first submission to ikolam was a maa kolam.. I can put maa kolam but not as perfectly as our push.. But Chikku kolam is the only thing which i never try becoz if i drag the line to chennai it will go to kolkata hehehe...

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pushpa it looks very very nice..kaavi gives rich look to this...

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Very attractive Pushpa and effective use of kaavi.

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Enda kadaiyil arisi vaangarenga? maadiri, enna arisi vaangareenga Pushpa, kolam ivvalavu palich?

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Vids, I used to put more of podikolams only but have always admired maakolam but didnt know how it is done... believe it or not I started doing maakolams only recently, in sense around a year back, after guidance from Rajamma maam and others from Ikolam. My first maakolam was a disaster yet I uploaded it and I got sweet comments from everyone inspite of the fact that it was not good ... that encouraged me to keep going and there was no stopping after that and now here I stand... u too try da I am sure u too will do great... try try and u will win was my motto... so expecting to see a maakolam from u soon.

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Jayanthi so glad to hear from u after a long time... yendha kadai illa arasi vangarena solla maten adhu secret Smile

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I am Vidhya's son Vishwa.I liked your strokes and diamond at the middle,nice kolam aunty.

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Hi Vishwa, tx a lot beta ... I feel so nice that u commented on this kolam, so sweet of u

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Bbbbeutiful! Smile

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Very beautiful Zebra maakolam Pushpaji..-Indira Sundar

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Actually it is a nice little well drawn design.

Regards! - mOhana

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Neat and grand Pushpa - after a long time I am seeing something like this from you and I too remember your first maakolam - you also asked us how to put maakolams - your drive is what has got you where you are now - keep it up. Vidhya I am sure you too can achieve what Pushpa has done - try, try till you succeed Smile

Vidhya check this out :

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very nice .something new.

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very very nice maakolam pushpa.