Love rangOli for Valentine's Day

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When love meets love
love embraces love
When love touches love
love begets love
When love goes around
love comes around
When love springs up
life flows on
... and on

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: Love rangOli for Valentine's Day


Lata's picture

A kolam made just for Love, and with "Love" in it!
I like how the 4 rotated swastikas together form a big one. Very nice dotless Kolam.

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very nice mOhana, always u think different from others

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mOhanaji, what a thought for the V. Day .. it suites to all walks of life..

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The colour combination, design and thoughts are very superb just like a "ROSE"

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All Love make a swastik. Nice creativity

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I just love the way these letters are written - they look so nice..