Lotus kolam

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According to Hinduism, the spirit of the sacred lotus lies within each human. It represents eternity, purity, divinity and is a symbol of feminine beauty and fertility. The Goddess of Prosperity - Lakshmi, is usually depicted standing on the lotus plant. The Swastik (shown in the center of the lotus kolam) has great significance in the Hindu mythology. All four arms of the swastik inspire to move forward and is the symbol of marching ahead for success.


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wow a wonderful way of explaning to put the kolam. very nice

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too good

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thanks lata madam for the tutorial sessions .it helps beginers like me to improve a lot .it would be very nice if experts like u and judeline madam start these animated step by step lessons on kolam regularly. can u please teach the peacock design in the tutorials .thanks once again and wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

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really very nice step by step method.


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Its really helpful

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I'm glad this was helpful. Ms.Sailaja, I'll try to upload a peacock-tutorial next month. It has been ready about 60% Smile