lord krishna rangoli

Amirtha Thanam Thu, 03/26/2015 - 11:06
So serene and divine! Thank you for sharing it. :)
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You gave reality especialy in glowing eyes & smiley face. Cute work.
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u are a good artist i like his eyes, smiling and for simply super creation :) :) :)
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I have one question! To you and Ragha radha. Why don't you both paint and frame these fantastic figures you draw. I feel instead of drawing these elaborate figures of Gods and Godessess and removing them, you can paint. Please don't mistake me
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Amirtha Thanam

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Firstof all I thanked for your nice comment.I put my kolams inside the compound wall.so I keep this kolams for long time,upto it is destroyed by nature.KANNAN and YASOTHA kolam was kept for 75 days.Other than this art I am doing so many paintings,after I come from my school work. so I have so many paintings in my home.THank u.
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