Line-Pulli ( not Lion-Puli) kolam

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This is a dotted kolam.7-1 straight dots.(a modified Pushpaji's recent maakolam).Kolam drawn with wet rice maavu and coloring done with color rangoli powder. Easy to draw lines than filling it fully.

Rangoli: Line-Pulli ( not Lion-Puli) kolam


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Your title makes me laugh :0

This dotted Kolam looks very nice, and makes me think of springtime. But first, I need to shop for a slab of black granite (a weekend job), then I plan on copying your designs atleast one every other day. I hope my wish comes true. Smile

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Rajammaji, your bridal makeup come out very well.. Oh!! bride is ready...( experienced beautician..Hi friends, if any body needs .... think of Rajammaji)

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Very pretty Smile

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this is also a good idea for colouring rajammaji,and it looks so cute in the granite stone background.

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VEry cute Rajammaji. This speaks your experience.

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Ok, shall we call it 'zeebra kolam'?

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A stunning beauty this has turned out to be - the 'lion' I mean 'line' is working magic I can see Smile A seasoned kolam specialist (beautician huh Lakshmi??) indeed Smile

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wonderful way of coloring with only 2 colors...magic of colors...very very nice rajammaji, thanks for sharing

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Rajamma maam a novel idea of using lines to fill in the spaces... thanks for the idea ... amateur is an amateur that is me and experienced is definitely an experieced guruji... you.. this is very beautiful maami

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Your kolam is as cute as you are

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Judy/Rajammaji, two treats for judy (sanskar bharathi rangoli and anirudh's inspirational rose kolam ) and now it is the turn of the two titles ( Judy's Disconnected kolam and Rajammaji's Lion-Puli kolam) Rajamma maam, really your kolam is very nice like your title.. thanks both of you. I am really enjoying.

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romba nannairukku

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rajammami, U have taught me a new type of kolam. thanks will implement them next time.


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Thanking you all for tasting and expressing your views.A simple recipe came out well while making and could present it with decoration which you all tasted and gave me nice certificate. I'll try to present such dishes in future in a granite plate!
I tried coloring it with 2 other colors, since my DIL liked this combination I uploaded this.
(Judy, see if you put wet maakolam design then u can change the colors without redoing the design.remember your dosa wet maavukolam?)

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wonderful design and color combination Rajam.vungalidamirundhu naangal katrukkolla vendiyadhu niraya irukkiradhu yenbadhai vungal ovvoru kolamum kaattugiradhu.

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fantastic color combination and very perfectly drawn

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Superb kolam Rajammaji...well coloured with good colour choice Smile

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Wow...lovely lion(line) make up for ur rangoli rajamma and green combo is too good... Smile