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This frame is made of flowers made of cornflour and fevicol.

Rangoli: Lhamasa


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The flowers look very delicate, they look kind of fragile, are they hardy enough?
The title is interesting (I'm not familiar with it). Are those pearls/beads inside the blue flowers? A nice arrangement. I'm addicted to the background cloth you've used. I can never get tired of that kind, or color! Smile

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Here again the flash is the spoil-sport but I have fallen for this bunch of flowers Jayanthi...

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very nice creation. best colour combinations

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Jayanthiji .... excellant .. cornflouril flowers also can de done !!! then no cooking from corn hereonwrds......... hehehe

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Jayanthi, see how your old bed-spread still attracts Lata!
Lata, the pearls are bunchas of plastic beads only, used in making artificial flowers.
Am I correct Jayanthi?

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The flowers made of cornflour are not fragile, but they are flexible or rubbery and strong enough.The beads used are the ones used in flower making as Jaya said, they are pollens. Since I had covered the frame with a plastic sheet, the reflection while clicking was unavoidable. Thanks Lata for the compliments for the bedsheet.Its a very old one.

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neat and great.