Kuzhal rangoli

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Tried a new rangoli with my new kuzhal which i bought in kumbakonam

Rangoli: Kuzhal rangoli


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enna superaa kuzhal kolam potiruke vidhya Dirol Dirol Dirol

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Very nice kuzhal kolam Vidhya :star: :star:

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Ahaa Vidhya dear, done an excellent job with Kuzhal... looks perfect dear.

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nice and gud one. :bigsmile:

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Very nice kuzhal kolam Vidhya Smile

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Vidhya, Nice kuzhal kolam. cute design. I think we need a rough flooring for the Kuzhal to move fast.The lines inside are not clearly visible. Try more Wink

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Thank you Rajamma, in this kuzhal the holes are very close to each other that's the reason for the invisibility of inner lines .

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Very beautiful Kuzhal kolam Vidhya...so you too a master in this art. Well done. Smile

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Thank you friends for spending time to leave comments...Very happy to see your comments... Smile

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very nice work.

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Hi, very nice kuzhal kolam done by you. You can check with Rani from where she buys Kuzhal in Chennai. In her kuzhal kolams, we can clearly see the lines. I think she buys from Parrys.

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Thank you for your suggestion maha...But i am very far away from chennai and i will try to get that type of kuzhal too... Smile

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Thanks maha....hi vidhs pl check these two links to see d draggers and kuzhals available.... www.ikolam.com/node/14732 and www.ikolam.com/node/15861 ....

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Beautiful kuzhal kolam vidhs dear....very nice attempt and looks great with that kavi Smile

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very nice, remembering my granny doing this with four double lines in the courtyard, thanks for sharing.

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v.v.pretty divine beauty vidhya,,, i would like to get a kuzhal fm there,,, Smile