Krishna's feather rangoli

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This is dotted rangoli, dots for this 11 X 1, with free hand design also drawn in front of my house to-day morning.
Named after seeing mOhanaji's "Krishna's feather" - Thanks to mOhanaji

Rangoli: Krishna's feather rangoli


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Beautiful, elaborately done rangoli! Very nice border. I like the kolam's internal shaded lines.

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Lata thank u so much for ur sweet comments.

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Super, even My hand also itching to draw like this. Light feathers and thick border give nice look.

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Rajammaji thanks a lot.itching??? appo why ur thinking.... seegrama kolam podungu !!

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Krishna's feather is looking so cute!!!!!!!!

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Indira thank u thank u

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Lakshmi Mam,
You have too much patience. All of your kolams are very big and contain more detailed designs. You are a gifted artist and we the ikolam members are very lucky to have membres like you. This kolam is very pretty especially the peacock's feather. I also follow your border designs in some of my kolams. Thank you very much for sharing ur nice kolams.

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Brindha thank u so much,Lakshmi sounds better Brindha.Patience for me ??? hehehe iam very glade that a kolam specialist like you drawing my designs,thank u Brindha.

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What fine delicate feathers, kRshNA nI bEgane bArO!

You made my day, Lakshmiji! Even my aimless patterns inspire somebody!
People always ask me - why do you waste your time? my answer - I don't
have enough money to waste Smile What is the use of all this? There may
be some use to this "mad" pursuit, but who knows? However, it makes me
happy! Having said this, I can never draw those fine lines like you,
may be perhaps in my next birth, if there is one (I am a sceptic, you see)!

Regards! - mOhana

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mOhanaji,OMG!! thank u so much for ur excellent words.ur designs are excellent.we are learning lot of from u.thank u once again

"Bandha krishna chandhadhindha Bhandha node,
gOpa vrundhadhindha nandhisutha bhandha noode"

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excellent detailing lakshmi... u are really too good......

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Judy, thank u so much for ur sweet comments.

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u r welcome lakshmi... and that comment was from the bottom of my heart....

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Judy,Soooooo sweet heart!!! thank u

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Your design is excellent.It looks like it could be adopted as a Mehendi design too.

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Sumathi thank u very much.yes ur right.

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Lakshmi excellent looks very very beautifull.

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Anaga thank u so much for ur sweet comments.

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Excellent kolam, all your kolams are attractive and excellent, but one doubt, how you will find time to draw such big kolams daily? please clarify

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Nithya , basicially I am home maker, I do it on morning hrs, its a sort of hobby.. spend about 2 hrs.