Krishna jayanthi - sweets and snacks

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these are the one part of sweet and snacks made but i had a small worry it all hide my rangoli please see it made up of pure rice floor

Rangoli: Krishna jayanthi - sweets and snacks


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Oh! You mean these are only ONE part of the snacks and sweets you made for Krishnajayanthi! :0

Don't worry! We can imagine the other part of the rangoli. Next time, please upload two different pictures; one for rangoli, and the other for the OTHER part of the snacks! Smile

Beautiful rangoli, and nice flower arrangement at the base of the lamp.
Next time you celebrate Krishnajayanthi, make sure you invite me too.

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Both kolam and the sweet/snacks are made up of rice powder? Both look very very tasty.

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Prema, rendume sema taste!

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romba beautiful design and u have made such lot of things. superb mam. this kolam looks like some what similar to lakshmiraghu's carpet design. u have done a mixed version of hers. super ma super.

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seedai ,thenkuzklal,poorna chandrakala,many recipes,yummy dishes with a bonus arisi maa kolam.very very attractive!

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Beautiful kolam Premaji. If this is the one part of the sweet and snacks, how Krishna will eat so much in one day! Smile

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Krishna kolathai paarpaara, bakshanathai parpparaa? Both are very inviting.

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jayanthiji hehe nce comment...yes beautiful kolam and tasty bakshanam...(jayaji sonnadu pathu)...thanks for sharing...

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Prema maam if this is just one part I must say hats off to you... cos if you had arranged all this in a circular manner surrounding the rangoli i bet it would have filled the entire kolam... this way both kolam and bakshanam would have been displayed... so much patience you have maam

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beauiful kolam. Ivallo bhakshanam krishnar eppadi saapiduvar?

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This is indeed a lovely treat for not only Krishna's tongue but also for his eyes - the only sad part is that it is only a treat for our eyes (what about out tongue Prema?? would love to bite into those yummy snacks) - wonderful creation and a pat on your back for such a massive attempt - I am sure Krishna must have been mighty pleased Blum 3

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A very grand treat for krishna and also for us to the eyes. excellent kolam