kolam for sankatahara chathurthi

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a kolam on the slopes for sankatahara chathurthi day

Rangoli: kolam for sankatahara chathurthi


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Lovely kolam with kavi deepa...this looks beautiful on d cement slope...

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Lovely kolam Deepa!!!! Always I luv ur uniform strokes.

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Very nice padi kolam. Also your parallel lines are even everywhere.


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I think you have a wide collection of padikolams Deepa - otherwise your imagination runs wild (hehe) with so many different designs each time - very good. Here since you have put the 'padham' design in the centre you should have drawn this kolam to in the diamond direction and not square - it would have gone with the central padham correctly I think.. Anyone agrees with me on this??

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Lovely and cute kolam deepa. very neatly drawn and as usual the kavi has brigtened the kolam.

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cute deepa mam

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As usual very beautiful padi kolam,deepa..

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thank u so much everybody,i agree with u Judy mam.only after clicking the photo and seeing it in computer i realised that it would have been better with another dimension.

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As usual, quite pretty. I like it the way it is, as the lotus feet are pointing toward the lotus.

Regards! - mOhana

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Very pretty, Deepa:)

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lovely kolam....your strokes are very clean and clear with lovely borders...

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Deepa, Your original freehand padikolam designs are lovely! Though this is not done on your usual mud floor, the use of kaavi liberally makes it as good as on a mud floor!

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Deepa maam lovely kolam... I like the way each one of your kolams are different in a certain manner and yet have the same basic design in them... I dont know how to put it, I am confused seeing your wonderful kolam

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beautiful...me too wonder about ur collection of padi kolams

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lovely one Deepa, have u used the roller for the center square... looks perfect to the core Smile
very cute Krishnar padam and this time instead of Lotus a diff.type of flower Smile
looks beautiful Deepa :):)

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Lovely kolam Deepa

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Beauty of its kind.

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Extremely beautiful kolam. It is fit to be drawn for marriages (Kalyana Kolam).