high - tech rangoli

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Hi friends this is a free hand design drawn in side the house...this design impressed me in the midway when i wanted to draw a different rangoli..thought of sharing with you all.your views and suggestions please..

Rangoli: high - tech rangoli


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This design looks very pretty! The plush look around the black tooth-combed edge looks cool!
Coincidentally, some months ago I had found a similar wheel pattern in the following link, and bookmarked it for reference.


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OMG...Lakshmiii...what a fantastic and very different creation is this...d whole inner coloured part looks as thought its been lifted and placed on that black base....or I don't know how to explain this ...sorry...wonderful creation....

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OMG. This looks like a 3D picture. Your multi colour rangoli looks great.


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I'm literally lost for words Lakshmi, true to the core.. 3D effect is seen in your hi-tech/modern art. I'm amazed by the curve lines drawn on the color base with different thickness producing a mesmerising effect. The centre design looks like a stencil work. Wonderful and different pattern.

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how on earth could you make that

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Amazingly colourful 3D artwork - Lakshmi I am dumbstruck Smile

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lakshmi, i coudnt imagine it as a kolam, looks like a fabulous round mat, whoever have watched that kolam in person are the most luckiest one in d earth i hope., if possible kindly explain d way u ve made this kolam ,

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This kolam has mesmerized me. The colours are so pleasing to the eyes, at the same time giving a 3-D effect. The outer black curved border is giving a effect as if the floor is flowing down. In short a perfect rangoli excellent in all respects.

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Wow Lakshmi how do you get such ideas?

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very very beautiful and colourful rangoli .hats off to you maam.

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Wow...an extremely amazing creation from you lakshmi....Your hi tech art is so perfect which gives a 3D effect with its structural design and coloring....very high level creativity.

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wow what a creation i dont have words to express. superb

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What to say Lakshmi! no word will explain my real happiness (excitement) on seeing this! (yennappa, room pottu yosippeengala:), Do you book room and create kolam designs like writers? ! ) the outer layer has good 3D effect. really fantastic. (my MIL says this is looking like a Assamese hat. she likes it very much).

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Wow WOW WOW Lucky dear... unga kai kojam kudanga, (give me ur hand) there is magic in ur hands, this is so so so good.. creating an illusion and giving an embossed effect... ur too good Laks, i am so proud of u... aiyoo i want to say so many things and not satisfied with my comment but i am speechless what to do...

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Amazing creativity!!!!! Hats off you Lakshmi!!!!!

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Superb work. As mentioned by Umaraja i think i am lucky to see this kolam. I dont think anyone can replicate this work. Another masterpiece of yours.

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Hi friends heart full of thanks for your encouraging comments...Lata nice to see the design on the wheel...push hehehe..Uma just i spread all the colours little ,little and on top of that I first drew the thick lines,and inside that small lines to fill up...out side also first spread the dark green colour powder and made waves design with match stick ...Brindha convey my thanks to thangam aunty...brindha hehe

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Lakshmi, u made us all lucky to see this wonderful work. It looks like rainbow SB kolam. Nice design and the outer dark green border is unique. I asked you to put color rangolis, but now you are drenching us with rangoli-rain.Thank you!.

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Amazzzzzing laks

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Rajammaji,sumathi many many thanks for your encouraging comments.

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Your rangoli creation is always super. mere words are not sufficient to admire your rangoli.Each and every work in this piece is unique, Lots of Thanks for giving this continuous happiness.

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super SB Rangoli Smile