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About Kolam:

Sent by Mrs.Rajam. She will add the description at a later date.

Dotted kolam
Rangoli: Kolam


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woww such a bright flower in the centre and a pen nib design at the outer looks great. excellent design.

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Sorry for the repeat( already uploaded on 31.5.09) I had sent it again by mistake.

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lovely design. It is soo neat.

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Rajamma maam white angel in black beauty as I always call such kolams is beautiful with the touch of an expert like u

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nice decoration...

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rajamma the kolam the design in the sides look like ink pen nib

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Wish you were here for the meet Rajam - missed you a lot Sad Neat strokes and pretty kolam Smile

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Beautiful and attractive design. Is it Wdotted kolam, it is categorised under this section. While on black always stands high in attraction. Thank you

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an unique design kolam Rajamma mam,but i wonder how u add the curls inside the dotted kolams,though i try very hard they turn in geometric pattern straight for me

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Deepa ram, I call it bypass kolam. In chuzhi kolam we draw ezhai around the dots, in design kolam we join the dots. But in this type the lines are drawn in between dots. start with one dot skipping in betwen dots draw the design and join it with outer dots.Hope it is clear. Try , if not clear I'll explain in detail. Most of my kolam are drawn like this only.i