Karthigai Kolam

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About Karthigai Kolam:

This kolam was drawn by my mother at the entrance of our house in chennai for Karthigai. She is a great fan of Madam Ammuchandini and has copied all her kolams. She will be trying them during this Marghazhi. I am in Abudhabi and mother is not aware that I have uploaded her kolam here. Awaiting your comments. Thanks - Indu

Karthigai 2010
Rangoli: Karthigai Kolam


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vry nice Indu mam.

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Very nice maakolam with Diyas. Plz convey our wishes to your mom.

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Lovely maakolam with diyas...

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Nice ezhai kolam and properly placed diyas, all facing east!

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very nice and properly placed diyas.


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Very pretty wet mavy kolam. Neat presentation and the outer design is nice.

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Very beautiful, perhaps if u had waited till it dried the outcome out have been fantastic, this looks very beautiful as well... loved the central lamp

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Very nice maa kolam with Diyas.


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Wow...indu mam...convey my heartfelt thanks to ur mom and also to u dear....this maakolam done by ur mom is too gorgeous...pl convey it to her...d centre lamp is so nice...pl let me know where she bought this...

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Concept of following one's good ones is the best way of expressing their happiness.I liked it very much.

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very nice kolam indhu mam,keep posting ur mother's kolam they look beautiful and symmetrical!

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Very nice maa kolam with Diyas.

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Looks she's expert in drawing kolams. Good in strokes and symmetry. Keep posting your works and your mom's too.
Nice to know your mom is a fan of Ammuchandini Maam.

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Any roller work in the outer layer?

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ur mom's kolam s beautiful with glowing lamps

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Nice wet maakolam Induji with apt diyas.

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good, esp ly those diyas r very pretty

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Nice gift u have given to ur mother.. getting her the appreciation from ikolam members.for her beautiful work.
Very nice wet maavu ezhai kolam. the placement of Diyas also perfect.

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very nice maa kolam with beautiful lamps....the centre one is very nice....

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This is so beautiful! What a surprise to your mom! Smile

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great, the lamps are looking great too, thanks for sharing

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Neat and pretty Smile