Karthaigai Kolam

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Got to do this kolam for Karthaigai. Hope you all like it.

Rangoli: Karthaigai Kolam


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Wow, my favorite diya kolam. Nice brown colored diyas under the real ones:)
Reminds me of my version:

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Thanks for such a beautiful kolam with kavi...and latha...ur pink beauty is also very cute.....

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Nice dotted kolam with white rangoli powder and kaavi combination.


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Very old design, but beautifully drawn. Nice placement of real diyas. in the middle of kolam diyas.

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nice kolam and the border on the top also too gud. take care.

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very beautifully done kolam with kavi...the placement of diyas is very good...

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beautiful..kolam with kaavi...looks nice..

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Lovely kolam. Both real diyas & diyas made in the rangoli all are too good.

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Very nice and pretty diya kolam. The kavi and the real lamps have enhanced the beauty of the kolam.

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Very very pretty one with nice crisp strokes.

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Nice diya kolam.

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Neat and Cute Presentation.

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Nice 3 dimension kolam.

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nice neat wk chethan

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Well known design, but very beautifully drawn and with the lamps it looks great! Your work too is nice, latAjI!

Regards! - mOhana

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nicely drawn kolam.

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very pretty kolam and diyas.

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Nice kolam and with real diyas it is looking nice.

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Nice kolam and Kavi colouring is looking good along with the lamps

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Lovely presentation Chethan - though a usual kolam, looks nice Smile