Karadai nombu - 14th March '10

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this traditional kolam drawn on 14th march on the occassion of karadaia nombu[savitri nombu] which is the festival of ladies for welfare of their husbands and would be for unmarried girls. they fast till the muhartam of tieing the auspious thread in yellow colour. this year it would be around 8.30 pm. thanks and wish you all on this day

Rangoli: Karadai nombu - 14th March '10


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A nice way to wish everybody on the occasion.
I also see our logo dotted kolam on the right. Smile

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Padi kolam looks perfect in dimension. And different chikku kolam in boxes adds charm..

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Nice to see this traditional padikolam on the Nonbu Day.You have gifted us more 4-4 and 3-3 dotted kolams also inside this.

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nice padi kolam

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Thanks for the lovely kolam and explanation about the occasion too - so very thoughtful Smile