Kaavi Chikku Kolam

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This is a chikku kolam. I have used kaavi podi instead of the white kolapodi and used colors to decorate it. Dot count is 11 x 3, 9 x 3, 3 x 1. Hope you like it.

Rangoli: Kaavi Chikku Kolam


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hai push...this looks very attractive....and ur thin lines r damn good...

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Hai pushpa,using kavipodi ur lines are so thin and beautiful.

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Heartful of thanks to this heart filled kolam, what pushpa maam, thanks for sharing this love with all the ikolam freinz.

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Your kavi and yellow kolam looks very beautiful and also the border. THe shapes you have made using yellow and green podi are nice. (I think your kolam without the outer frame that is the brown colour, would look prettier)

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Hi pushpa, what is this? what's your intension? making us confused and mad with all such complex sikku kolams and new new innovations. Why pushpa you are soo... angry with us. Pls. Dont give us a punishment of copying these kolams.(I have to copy because they are very nice). Pls be kiiiiinnnnnnd.

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your kolam looks different color combination is nice white dots gives rich look

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Hi Padma maam... my intentions were definitely to make u MAD, MY Adorable Darling he he.... actually I am trying to inspire u to start doing your kolams on floor ma... This kolam as much as it seems complicated, is actually easy, try it, u will definitely feel it is easy...

Brindha maam, yes I too do not want the brown background, but what to do I too got the message as Nithya maam about reaching some 24 MB something like that so I opted to do it this way, I have no other way. I am waiting for nithya maam's kolam to appear so that I can ask her what did she do about it.

Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments

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Though it looks complicated, is simple to draw unlike some of your other designs which are somewhat complicated. Loved it. Thanks

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Using kaavi, that too brownish, is quite beautiful!

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Hai, pushpa, this chikku kolam looks like a modern art. due to the coloring patteren. Even I have this Kaavi podi and the lines comes very sharp with that. By the way is this one from Aval Vikatan?

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The message as 24 MB reached tells you that the space allotted to you to upload ur kolams have reached the peak, so if you inform the ADmin, by mail ,u will be provided with further space! we all reached that long back

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Enamma kelambirukeengappa ippadi. Ennavoru kolam, ennavoru color beautifulla irukku.

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Pushpa, when you are uploading a kolam, just reduce its size by saving the image as some other file (eg. saving in irfanview) . I can't understand how the the file is accepted when you add more frame and borders to that.

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Different Pushpa. Making one border and attaching it on all 4 sides is seen. right>?

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Very pretty kolam Pushpa - the brown is really pretty Smile

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beautiful kolam.

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Looks like a framed photograph. Could have brightened and trimmed the photograph. Proper trimming saves lot of space too.

Regards! - mOhana

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Thanks Rajamma maam for the info regarding the space, yes this is from aval vigatan. Brindha maam, to save the file, I do a lot of circus literally, use print screen option then paste on MS paint, then outline and cut and copy paste it onto another window of MS paint and then do the other adjustings. Jayanthy maam, yes I put the border on one side only and copy pasted it on all sides

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Well made Maam. Tricky to copy down.. Brown lines are cute...