Kaalai Geetham!

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This one also 9-5 dot count kolam. Easy to put in the busy hours of morning. decoration can be put if you find time.

Rangoli: Kaalai Geetham!


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Rajammaji, your morning raagaas are a fusion of traditional dotted kolams and dotless rangolis! Smile
Have you seen the movie "Morning raga"?

I recently saw a tamil movie called "Abiyum Naanum", (after getting reviews of this movie by some of my friends). My whole family enjoyed thinking of you in the middle of that movie! Can you guess why?

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Unga Kaalai Geetham,,kalakkalaa iruku Madam.

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Kaalai Thendral paadi varum paatu polave ungal Kaalai raagam rombavum inimaiyaa irukku Rajamma Ma'am.... unga inspiration has given rise to many many ideas, Ma'am... I promise you that You would be seeing more from me, soon.....

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Yes Lata ,I saw the "Morning raga"my favorite song is "thaye yeshoda" ,Rajammaji's morning raga's are also very beautiful & as you said it is fusion of traditional kolams and free hand..

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Lata, is 'Morning Raga' a Tamil movie? Any context in 'Abiyum Naanum' connected with kolams? I haven't seen that movie also! Please throw some light!

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Jayaji,"Morning raga" is english movie with indian actors Shabana azmi,Nazer...etc don't
miss its a nice movie.

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Jayaji and Asha, I have only seen bits and pieces of the "Morning raaga" yet. I once rented that movie, but had to return it back with a fine, since I couldn't find the time to watch it. I saw the songs part of it on youtube.
Jayaji, there is no connection of kolams in "Abiyum naanum", I'll try to show you a clip from that movie one of these days.

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Lata, I have seen Morning Raga 3 times and enjoyed the songs and Shabana Azmi's acting. Abiyum Naanum yet to see. Eager to know what reminds me in that movie.

Purni, In one of P . Susheela's song( Gangai karai thottam) the lines Kaalai ilam kaattru paadi varum paattu edhilum avan kurale.... enakku romba pidikkum. your comment connects me to that.
Thanks for all for enjoying and commenting such a "Simple Raagam"

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Simple is always sweet Rajamma and so is your 'Morning Raga"..