Ivy League

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About Ivy League:

Join the "Ivy" League and enjoy! - mOhana

Rangoli: Ivy League


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mOhanaji,Me and Sahana nowadays look for different type of leaves and flowers thinking of your designs.

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Wow!wow! beautiful leaves design

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After see this we search for leaves.very nice.

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Looking at the pattern on the top left; it gave me a feeling of having "looked through it" a long time ago. This reminds me of Muasamman Burj, the tower where Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb. It is said, that Shah Jahan enjoyed the view of the Taj from the tower in his last days.

The one of the top right makes me want to have my turn in tic-tac-toe Smile

I'm speaking out of experience when I say that no one should plant Ivy directly in the ground, unless you really want a thick ground cover - forever! This trailing plant is an invasive one, and left over the years, forms thick stems (which are more like mini-tree trunks) in the ground, which take away the nourishment from the neighboring plants/flowers.

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I forgot to ask something important yesterday. In your opinion (to a parent), all disclaimers apart (from all perspectives), is "ivy league" better than well known "public league"?. I know this is hard to answer, and that is why I didn't ask to begin with, but then, one can't help think about it (especially with a title like that).

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Since the motif was ivy, I named it as ivy league.

As for your question, it all depends on the student. If the student is highly
motivated and wants to pursue further studies after the bachelor's degree, it
does not matter to which school (s)he attends. In-state schools are cheaper and
within reach. The tuition in ivy league schools and other big ones like the
Duke or JHU or Caltech is at least 3 to 4 times. For graduate work or other
higher studies, one can choose a better school. But if the individual wants to
get a job after the bachelor's degree, then a school that has name recognition
like the ivy league is recommended. But don't forget. For people like us who
have the bad habit of saving money for the kids' studies, normally no student
aid is available except the ones based on pure merit which too will be very
nominal. This has been my experience. Regards! - mOhana