Inspirational kolam

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This is a wet maa kolam at the request of Ammu maam and Anirudh. The original one was done by Ammu maam ( Ammu maam this was not an easy task, I practised it around 4 times before trying it out on the floor. Hats off to you. Hope I have done justice to it.

Rangoli: Inspirational kolam


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wow...wonderful pushpaji, thank you.

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Awesome work.

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wooooow pushpa mam thanks for trying my kolam using wet rice maavu howcome even a single drop doesn't spill on d ground lovely kolam u've made do u use mixie for grinding or is d rice ground using d wet grinder because jaya mam had told that we shd grind using d wetgrinder only pl clarify thanks again

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Hello Ammu maam , tx for your comments, you inspired me to do this, it was a difficult job I must say.. pls call me Pushpa.. I soak the rice for around 4 to 6 hrs and use the mixie only to grind the flour, i dont have a grinder nor do i use one... just ensure it is really smooth that is all

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Very nice pushpa. Wet rice paste is the traditional method of preparing. In bangalore we also get "Shudde" means it is the ready to use ('maavu - what u call') dry paste balls. Just crush and put required water. It turns to a paste. use either brush or finger for drawing. It gives the same effect.I will upload one rangoli made of that shortly. Similarly we get ready to use Kaavi balls and kavi powder powder . Kaavi balls is used with shudde balls - rice paste and powder when we use rangoli powder for drawing.-

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Tx Padma maam for the information, I know of the kaavi balls but never heard of the Shudde you are referring to.

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Pushpa I am lost for words - what a neat piece of work this one is - you have really done a wonderful job - too good for words I must say - this only shows your love for the art - keep it up Smile

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thanks pushpa for d reply i too shall try one big wet rice kolam lets see how it turns out to be....

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very nice show . pettennu patha looks like face of cow with ears in the four corner's

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Nice work.:)

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Such a lovely copycat maavu kolam. Ammu/Rani will be very happy to see this.

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Wonderful pushpa. Very neatly done. I'm trying to make kolams without spilling. But it's hard. U've done a wonderful job.

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ofcourse rajammaji soooo happy thanks again pushpa mam

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Excellent Pushpaji... very neat and sweet.........-Indira

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beauriful..looks grand....

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Another beautiful work by an artist who grew before our eyes and has become really accomplished.

Regards! - mOhana

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Nice one.