hexagonal paDikOlam

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About hexagonal paDikOlam:

The paDikOlams I viewed here and elsewhere are all square only. Why not create one with hexagonal (six-fold) symmetry was the thought that occured to me. Here is the result.

Regards! - mOhana

Rangoli: hexagonal paDikOlam


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mOhanaji very beautiful...i like this very much..looks different..hmmm... i will try this on floor...shortly..

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Very nice concept & design JKMji

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Its so lovely, JKMji.....The result is just perfect...

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The star looks beautiful JKM

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looks very beautiful mohanaji... nice idea

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I hope it is ok to talk about what one sees here, sometimes we wonder if something sounds offending Smile

The first thing that I noticed in this rangoli are the two tendrils. We (my family) saw them as two eyes, the circle between them as the nose, and the nested triangles as the mouth. So, in short, we see this rangoli as a group of 6 faces. The mums make a nice pair of ears for a face. Smile
We enjoyed it quite a bit. Thank you for giving us variations.

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If you can see six faces latAjI, then shaNmukha must be really pleased Smile

Regards! - mOhana

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Yes, I'm sure He would be mOhanaji! Smile
I wish my mom would see this rangoli, as well as the comments. You see, the star pattern in the center part, was what she used to make often (with tamizh letters sa ra va na ba va written one letter in each triangle - I'm not sure if I've written the letters/order right. All of her stars would contain the tamizh Om at the center ).